Did you receive one or more invoice notifications? Was there a late fee referenced?

The migration from the "Member Area" via https://members.webhosting.coop/ to the new "Member Dashboard" via https://dashboard.webhosting.coop/ is nearly completed. To ensure that members had access to old ticket, invoice, and transaction details the information was syncronized between platforms. While no direct billing integrations were in place there was an unforeseen issue associated with how the member area marked unpaid invoices in contrast to how the dashboard renewals process.

In short, if you had an outstanding invoice prior the import triggered email notifications and late fees for each. We agreed initially to never use late fees so that has been disabled entirely. The invoices generated with late fees have been removed. All membership renewal dates should match exactly regardless of invoicing.

If you have a question regarding your account please open a support request via the member area or dashboard. We'll post additional updates as the member area is decomissioned entirely. At that time all site links will reference this dashboard. If you see any bugs or functional issues please let us know and we will review.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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