IP Changes and Network Upgrades

We are sending notifications to several members who will be impacted by upcoming routing changes. The changes will be made on some of the circuits that provide Internet connections for the coop servers. For certain IP ranges the traffic is currently being routed via static routes (a single path) to the data center locations. These static routes ... Read More »

10th Nov 2019
Overdue Invoice Notifications

Did you receive one or more invoice notifications? Was there a late fee referenced?The migration from the "Member Area" via https://members.webhosting.coop/ to the new "Member Dashboard" via https://dashboard.webhosting.coop/ is nearly completed. To ensure that members had access to old ticket, invoice, and transaction details the information was ... Read More »

27th Aug 2019
Member Area and Dashboard Updates

We are currently migrating away from the previous member area which has been accessible from https://members.webhosting.coop/ and the new location for the Member service management will be available from https://dashboard.webhosting.coop/ There are several reasons for the change, but the most important elements are outlined below: Two factor ... Read More »

24th Aug 2019